Strongly linked to their Tuscan identity, our sources are the symbol and the synthesis of the values and the magic of our beautiful land. Its art, history and culture made Tuscany famous all over the world. Its unrepeatable landscapes, its inviolate and generous nature are always able to give amazing goods, unique tastes and excellent mineral waters.

Waters’ virtues of purity and taste were appreciated since ancient times by Etruscans and Romans and through the years have been kept intact and unchanged until now, thanks also to our constant commitment.

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Monte San Savino

Monte San Savino is a village that has reached its maximum splendor between the '400 and the '500 and whose history is inextricably intertwined with that of the noble family De 'Medici. Valdichiana is an area in which the Etruscan legacy still communicates with the present, timeless landscapes and places, not coincidentally visited each year by millions of tourists.

The sources Tuscan represent a choice of typical Italian style, which combines nicely the natural heritage of pure and crystalline waters to their ancient origin.

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